These are the list of my dreams/goals that I want in my life. Some I already achived and some not. The list will always be updated from time to time.

01. Read Al-Mathurat every morning and evening
02. Khatam Al-Quran every year
03. Perform solat sunat tahajud, taubat and hajat everyday
04. Stop cursing/swearing
05. Losing weight - Ideal weight=47kg
06. 4 flat result at least once
07. Dean List result at least once
08. Graduate Diploma with minimum 3.0 CGPA
09. Graduate on time for Diploma
10. Graduate on time for Degree
11. Graduate Degree with minimum 3.3 CGPA
12. Start doing business
13. Studying abroad
14. Diploma in Chemical Engineering
15. Degree in Chemical Engineering
16.Pursueing Master in Chemical Engineering
17. Takes MBA
18. Arrange financial wisely
19. Shopping once a month
20. Fulfill dad's wish
21. Master in Arabic Language
22. Learn Mandarin
23. Learn Germany
24. Learn Japanese
25. Good in cooking
26. Be less stubborn
27. Stop show off
28. Make myself happy first
29. Stop putting others first